About Us


Majesty Holdings is a global business office with the reach and vision to link resources and business across the globe. Our clients are giants in their diverse industries, and we are the bridge that connects them. We seek to be the dynamic conduit that accelerates growth, bridging the gap between technology and market, far-reaching talent and the capital that fosters it.

Majesty Holdings是一個全球性的商業辦公室,具有連接全球資源和業務的遠見與見解。 我們的客戶是不同行業的專家,我們是連接他們的橋樑。 我們力求加速增長,彌合技術與市場差距,適合的的人才和促進增長的資本的動態渠道。

At Majesty Holdings, we have only one boss: the client. As an independent firm we choose to make integrity our highest priority, which means always privileging the client’s interests above our own. We pay close attention to our clients’ needs, investing the time to listen carefully and build a thoroughly accurate, detailed understanding of every individual financial situation. This kind of deep assessment assures that we are ideally positioned to achieve the preservation and growth of our clients’ wealth.

在Majesty Holdings,我們只有一位老闆:客戶。 作為一家獨立公司,我們選擇將誠信作為最高優先事項,這意味著永遠尊重客戶的利益超過自己的利益。 我們密切關注客戶的需求,投入時間仔細傾聽客戶的需求,對每一個個人的財務狀況進行全面準確,詳細的了解。 這種深刻的評估保證了我們有理想的地位,以實現客戶財富的保存和增長。

We seek not to be only our clients’ financial advisor, but also their trusted advisor in matters extending far beyond their portfolio. We are a uniquely dedicated firm, serving our clients through financial and investment expertise, but also leveraging all of our vast connections in service of our client families. Whether by providing internships to instill financial experience in the second generation, advising on immigration matters or real estate transactions, or by connecting client companies with venture capital sources, our excellent resources are as broad as the needs of those we serve.

我們不僅僅是我們客戶的財務顧問,而且也是他們值得信賴的顧問,遠遠超出其投資組合。 我們是一家獨特的公司,通過財務和投資方面的專業知識為客戶服務,同時也利用我們所有的廣泛聯繫,為客戶提供服務。 無論是通過提供實習來灌輸第二代的經驗,就移民事務或房地產交易提供諮詢,還是通過連接客戶公司與風險投資來源,我們優秀的資源與我們服務的需求一樣廣泛。