Private Equity


Our investments span a wide range of industries around the world in established and growth-oriented businesses alike. Playing a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential, we uncover value by identifying great companies and enhancing their performance by providing patient capital and operating support to strong management teams. Our approach helps our portfolio companies grow core businesses, launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions and upgrade technologies and systems to support their long-term strategy. We provide more than just capital. We seek to make the companies we invest in stronger through a bottoms-up strategy of transformation. Crucially, we bring the expertise of our Portfolio Operations Group to provide strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements, including revenue growth, procurement, leadership development, lean process and IT optimization, energy sustainability, and employee health care.

我們的投資遍及世界各地像是穩健型和發展型企業。 在幫助企業實現增長潛力方面發揮至關重要的作用,通過向強大的管理團隊提供資本和運營支持,通過辯別優秀公司並提高績效來發現價值。 我們的行事風格可幫助我們的投資組合及發展公司核心業務,發起新舉措,進行變革性收購併升級技術和系統,以支持其長期的投資策略。 我們提供的不僅僅是資本。 我們力求通過底層的轉型戰略使我們投資的公司更加強大。 至關重要的是,我們帶來了我們的投資組合業務部門的專業知識,為各種業務改進提供策略指導,包括收入增長,採購,領導力發展,精益流程和IT優化,能源可持續性和員工保健。

Real Estate


In our partnerships with successful real estate developers we arrange both equity and debt capital, fostering a wide range of real estate projects across the spectrum: land, retail, commercial, residential, and mixed use. Our competitive advantage stems from our selectivity regarding both safety and risk-adjusted return in every project we consider.

在與成功的房地產開發商的合作夥伴關係中,我們安排了股本和債務資本項目,促進了範圍廣泛的房地產項目:土地,零售,商業,住宅和混合用途。 我們的競爭優勢來自於我們對每個我們考慮的項目的安全性和風險調整做得適當拿捏。

bankable asset


Infrastructure is one of Majesty's most active investment areas. Over the last 15 years, we have invested in more than $40 billion of infrastructure-related projects globally. Majesty’s approach to infrastructure investing is one that puts a focus on responsible stewardship and community engagement. In areas such as clean power, energy transmission, communications technology, and many others, we have helped move forward sustainable projects that drive local economic growth and job creation, and enhance quality of life. In doing so, we work closely with civic stakeholders to help make sure that critical infrastructure is developed in a responsible manner that is responsive to community needs.

基礎設施是Majesty最活躍的投資領域之一。 在過去15年中,我們已經在全球投資了超過400億美元的基礎設施相關項目。 Majesty的基礎設施投資方法是把重點放在負責任的管理和社區參與上。 在清潔能源,能源傳輸,通信技術等諸多領域,我們幫助推進了可持續發展的項目,推動了當地的經濟增長和創造就業機會,提高了生活質量。 在這樣做的過程中,我們與公民利益相關者密切合作,確保關鍵的基礎設施得到以負責任的方式發展,以響應社區的需求。